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Case study: Cross River Rail

Queensland’s Highest Priority Infrastructure Project

Project Background

Cross River Rail will unlock a bottleneck at the core of our rail systems that will allow more trains to run more often, easing pressure on our roads and keeping SEQ’s transport network moving. It will change forever the way in which we travel, the shape of Brisbane as a city and the whole region. To successfully deliver the Cross River Rail, the project needed the very best subject matter experts across a range of fields.  It was our job to help them find them, attract them and engage them for this critical Queensland project. It was our pleasure support the Cross River Rail Delivery authority to attract the right talent. The Cross River Rail will forever changed that way we travel and unblock the bottlenecks at the core of our rail systems

How we helped

  • We developed a highly effective recruitment campaign that communicated Cross River Rails compelling mission and vision
  • We deployed our Executive Search & Algorithmic search teams who searched both nationally and internationally
  • We activated our referral networks
  • We designed attraction campaigns to engaged Passive Talent

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