Case Study: Container Exchange

Creating a recycling scheme to keep Queensland beautiful

Container Exchange

440 million

Eligible Containers Returned

30% more than the forecast

+$44 million

Has been paid out

to individuals, charities, community and sports groups and not-for-profit organisations


Jobs created

in the first 6 months of operation


Registrations for Scheme IDs

including 3,000 charities, community groups and not-for-profits

Project Background



Container Exchange manages the Queensland government’ s waste and recycling scheme. They are making sure that the 3 billion beverage bottles that our sunshine state produces don’t end up in the landfill.

We helped CoExchange identify, attract, recruit and onboard their team. This was an exciting start-up project.  Container Exchange has launched the most successful Container Recycling scheme ever. And we are proud to have supported them. 


About our client




Each year, nearly three billion drink containers are generated in Queensland. Empty drink containers are the state’s second-most littered item.

To address this, create jobs and support social enterprise, Container Exchange (COEX) was established in 2018 as a not-for-profit organisation to run Queensland’s Containers for Change scheme.

The scheme allows people to return empty eligible drink containers for a 10 cent refund at one of 270 sites statewide, reducing beverage container litter across the state and encouraging social enterprises to raise funds from donations of container refunds.

COEX is focused on increasing recycling and helping the community to benefit from donations to charities, community & sports groups and not-for-profit organisations registered with the scheme.

How we helped


  • Container Exchange wanted to build a high performing team.
  • Being a “start-up” or “go live” initiative we needed to start from scratch.
  • Their intention was to develop an organisation that delivered great outcomes for Queenslanders and benefited our environment.
  • We worked closely with the CEO to design job descriptions, build compelling hiring campaigns, identify, attract, recruit and onboard some of Australia’s best talent
  • We partnered closely with our Client to ensure they attracted not only the best talent the market could offer but also the talent the closely aligned with their operational values
  • We augmented their HR functions by, developing attraction strategies and collateral, developing onboarding protocols and HR support documents
  • We adore working with the team at CoExchange.  The outcomes they have delivered are outstanding.
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