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Kingston Human Capital is unparalleled in service and success with 97% of all Permanent and Executive placements still remaining in place three years later.

Meet Gerard Kerr, General Manager Executive Search & Selection

Gerard Kerr is co-founder of Kingston Human Capital and the backbone of our executive recruitment strategy.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Gerard has a deep understanding of managing complex search and selection processes across various industries.

The first step for Gerard and our Executive search team is always to make sure we have a complete understanding of the organisation we are hiring for.

By speaking with stakeholders and spending extensive time within the organisation, he’s able to find the right person for the role and the right fit for your people, purpose, and plans.

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Aurizon - Kingston Human Capital
Risk Assurance Specialist
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Chief Creative Officer
Aurizon - Kingston Human Capital
Enterprise Risk Manager

Our Executive Recruitment Team help you with:

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Managing Unconscious Biases

Best Practice Executive Recruitment

Designing Innovative Hiring Processes

Psychometric Testing

Advanced Talent Mapping

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