Executive Recruitment
Attract the best leaders to your organisation.
The founding directors of Kingston Human Capital will personally manage and deliver your Executive and Board recruitment requirements.

Our Executive Recruitment team can help you with:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

  • Managing Unconscious Biases

  • Best Practice Executive Recruitment

  • Designing Innovative Hiring Processes

  • Psychometric Testing

  • Advanced Talent Mapping

Game-Changing Executive Talent

Game-Changing Executive Talent

Kingston Human Capital is a Queensland owned Executive Recruitment firm that provides you with domestic and international reach. We supply game-changing executive talent, when and where you need it. It is our mission to partner with you to position your department for success.

Benefits of Hiring an Executive Recruitment Agency

We connect people with purpose

We know the importance of looking beyond skills and experience when it comes to executive competencies.

In the search to secure pedigree executive talent for the State Government, we take a modern, multi-dimensional approach.

Our unique sourcing strategies are customised for every engagement and underpinned by exceptional algorithmic search capabilities. We ensure you have access to active, passive, and hidden executive talent communities.

See the Kingston Difference
We connect people with purpose

It is our mission to exceed your expectations.

  • A Highly-Responsive, Partnership-Based Approach, Ensuring We Understand The Brief, Organisational Context And Challenges
  •  A Commitment To Protecting And Promoting Your Employer Brand
  • Leading-Edge Digital And Algorithmic Search Technology
  • Local, Regional, National And Global Reach
  • Kingston Human Capital Is An Approved Provider To Queensland Government Executive Recruitment Services – QGP0028-17
  • Best Practice Process — Rigorous, Transparent And Merit-Based
  • An Endless Commitment To Finding The Best Talent
  • Support To Achieve Your Diversity And Inclusion Goals

Discover how we’re different and give you a competitive advantage.

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