Angela Ng

Angela Ng

Angela Ng is a Partner at Kingston Human Capital. 

Angela joined Kingston Human Capital in July 2020 as a Partner. As a member of the firm's Executive Leadership Committee, Angela leads a high-growth team, dedicated to assisting clients and candidates with critical talent acquisition needs at the mid-professional to senior management levels. She is also an active guest speaker, sharing her subject matter insights across various industry associations and community groups such as Chartered Accountants Australia and CPA Australia. 

“It all begins with people, with human capital being at the forefront of any organisation."

Since her tenure with Kingston Human Capital, as Partner, Angela led the strategic and operational execution and integration of key pillars, to expand the organisation's recruitment delivery and strategic sourcing functions, including accounting, audit and risk, data science, procurement, and operations, marketing and communications and human resources, across both public and private sectors. With a track record of unifying companies from the inside out, Angela also led an improved strategic market and brand positioning to support the growth of these pillars and aligning operationally, to deliver a resonant, tech-enabled, and high-impact consulting solutions experience. 

“Everything we do has people at the heart - it is an essential part of how we work and care for each other and our communities. Innovation is also critical - continually striving to improve - so we can operate in more collaborative, efficient and sustainable ways."

Angela brings to her role a refined balance of strategy and tactical recruitment and talent management craftmanship. She passionately supports organisations that aim to nurture, retain and promote talent as a means of driving strategic business and organisational objectives. Angela's subject matter expertise and experience lend itself well to assisting clients that are seeking to drive strategic organisational outcomes, through human capital solutions. Her industry and consulting experience enables her to identify the competencies and critical success factors that drive high-performing leaders and teams. As an innovative talent advisor, Angela has developed a reputation for working across organisations to help leaders to recruit, retain and develop engaged, high-performing talent, committed to advancing an organisations strategic agenda. 

“We are focused on enhancing talent management consulting delivery and partnering with candidates and clients to innovate and drive additional value generation."

Before joining Kingston Human Capital, Angela was a Managing Consultant of innovative workforce solutions, at Manpower Group, and a Principal Consultant at the multinational human resource consulting firm, Randstad. She also worked as a Recruitment Team Leader in a boutique recruitment firm, Eden Ritchie Recruitment. Previously, Angela also held various leadership and managerial positions in operations with Loreal Paris Australia. 

“For me, joining Kingston Human Capital was an opportunity to join a progressive and innovative business that is dedicated to high performance and genuinely cares about candidates and clients - more than the bottom line.”

Angela holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business, double majors in Human Resources Management and Marketing, from the Queensland University of Technology, and a Certificate in Leading High Performing Teams from the University of Queensland. 

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