Our Exclusive & Retained Pricing Models

How much does it cost and why?

When you partner exclusively with Kingston Human Capital, you’ll benefit from our unwavering commitment to delivering the best talent, every time.

What factors shape recruitment costs?

  • Time and labour dedicated to your project - ie the number of team members we will allocate to your role
  • Reach - do you need a local, national or global search?
  • Marketing - would your project benefit from a video campaign? Video is incredibly effective - 87% of marketing professionals use video to engage with their audience.
  • Advertising - beyond standard job board advertising, do you need a targetted social media campaign?
  • Project delivery time - does the urgency of your project require our team to work beyond standard hours?
  • Testing - do you require candidates to complete psychometric (or other) testing?
  • Placement guarantee - what length of replacement guarantee do you require?
Placement guarantee

Placement guarantee

We confidently offer a 3-month guarantee on all permanent placements (and 6 months for executive permanent placements.

This means if we get it wrong, we’ll replace the candidate free of charge.

Since our business began in 2013, we’ve had to exercise our replacement guarantee twice.

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Leverage our expertise

This is what we do every day - it’s our profession. We’re trained to identify high performing traits and evaluate the previous experience.

We’re trained in strategic sourcing, culture matching and how to engage with top talent in a meaningful way. We can efficiently identify, evaluate and engage with more great candidates that you have the time to access during your working week.

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Leverage our expertise
More candidates evaluated - better reach and quality

More candidates evaluated - better reach and quality

Our team of 13 talent specialists will spend up to 40 hours a week on your project. On average we spend up to 3 hours identifying and evaluating each candidate. That means we can consider up to 170 candidates per week.

The broader the talent pool, the higher quality of candidates you can be assured of seeing. We’ll bring you the very best people from that list of 170.

Benefits of Hiring an Executive Recruitment Agency

Powerful access to top talent

Leveraging the latest algorithmic search and machine learning technologies coupled with good old fashioned hard work and diligence, we leave no stone unturned in finding and engaging the best talent in the market.

By the end of the recruitment process, we will have provided you access to talent you simply couldn't access on your own.

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Powerful access to top talent
What does it cost?

What does it cost?

In the US, retained recruitment can cost up to 25% of the total salary package.
In Australia, the cost ranges between 14 and 23% of the total salary package.

Every hiring moment is an opportunity to upgrade the capability in your organisation. You can literally transform your business through the people you hire.

That’s worth paying for.

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Our process is designed to exceed your expectations.

1. Role assessment and evaluation

2. Advertising

3. The attraction of a passive candidate market

4. Candidate screening

5. Candidate interviewing

6. Candidate testing

7. Shortlist and shortlist report

8. Interview question design

9. Interview facilitation

10. Compliance, reference & right to work checking

11. Extending your offer to your preferred candidate

12. Onboarding support

13. Rejection of the unsuccessful talent pool

14. Promotion and protection of your employer brand

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