How do we help our customers?

We help our customers hire great talent.

Kingston Human Capital speaks the language of recruitment.
Kingstom Human Capital speak the language of recruitment.

We hire the right people for your organisation.

Typically, your recruiter will find candidates for your vacant role, and you pay a fee if they find a successful candidate.

However, have you ever found that someone might not be the right fit for your organisation?

Often recruitment agencies will find someone who on paper matches the experience and skill required to do the job. But this alone does not make them a good fit for your company.

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Hiring talent to fit your organisational culture is one of the biggest challenges facing leaders.

Kingston Human Capital is deeply committed to supporting you to recruit game-changing talent that also are the right fit for your organisational culture.

We actively work every day to ensure that recruits are the best talent on the market and a perfect fit for the role you are looking to fill. 

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Hiring talent to fit your organisational culture.
We know that recruitment is a collaborative process.

Recruitment is a collaborative process.

We have developed a specialised strategy that utilizes a deep partnership approach to understand your culture, objectives, and challenges. Sourcing strategies are customised for every engagement and align with our exceptional algorithmic search capabilities. Using best practice process and industry-leading technology, we'll ensure you have access to an extensive selection of talent.

Our team places great importance on building a performance-orientated team. We know this is critical. We're trained in strategic sourcing and culture matching. 

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We understand your organisational needs.

It is crucial to work in collaboration with our clients. Working this way ensures we can find the best talent on offer to meet your organisation's short and long-term goals. It also allows us to function in a way that provides our clients so much more than just recruitment. 

We are fortunate to offer our clients a full range of human capital services. We live and breathe human resources, and genuinely love working with humans every day.

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We understand your organisational needs.

Discover how we’re different and give you a competitive advantage.

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Finding needles in haystacks is what we do best. We use traditional and algorithmic-search techniques, video recruitment, and behavioural economics to find you the best talent in the market.

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