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14 Questions to ask a recruiter before you start working with them

14 Questions to Ask a Recruiter Before You Engage Them. 

In the world of recruitment, asking the right questions can make all the difference. Whether you're a hiring manager looking to fill a position or an executive seeking the best talent for your team, knowing what to ask a recruiter before you engage them will ensure a successful partnership. Here are fourteen questions you should consider asking before working with a recruiter:


  1. What services does your recruitment agency offer? Understanding the range of services a recruitment agency offers can help you determine if they're the right fit for your needs. Look for agencies that offer a comprehensive range of services, including executive and board recruitment, HR support services, and temporary recruitment.

  2. How will you make sure you understand my needs? A good recruitment agency will take the time to understand your unique needs and requirements. Ask about their process for getting to know your organisation and the role you're looking to fill.

  3. What is your recruitment guarantee? It's important to know what guarantees a recruitment agency offers in terms of the quality of their candidates and their services. Ask about their policies for situations where a candidate doesn't work out. Most recruitment agencies offer a free replacement but it is important to understand the terms and conditions surrounding that free replacement.

  4. How will you keep me up to date on my hiring process? Communication is key in the recruitment process. Ask about the agency's communication practices and how they will keep you informed throughout the hiring process.  Listen closely to their answers.  A mature recruitment agency will have a number of communication milestones woven into their recruitment process.  

    A successful recruitment process is a partnership, and open communication is key.

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  5. What happens if you don't succeed in finding me the right candidates? It's important to know what happens if the recruitment process doesn't go as planned. Ask about the agency's policies and what steps they will take if they're unable to find the right candidates for your role. Listen closely for how open and honest the answer is. While a recruitment agency will rarely fail, it still important to know what will happen if they do.

  6. Are you working on my role exclusively or are you working on a number of roles at once? Understanding the agency's workload can give you an idea of how much attention they can devote to your role. Ask about how many roles they typically work on at once and how they manage their time and resources.  It is important to know if your recruiter is working solely on your role, or if your role is one of many in their pipeline.  This will help you determine how much time and labour they can allocate to your job vacancy and hiring requirements.

  7. What industries do you specialise in? While many recruitment agencies work across a broad range of industries, others may specialise in specific sectors. Knowing an agency's areas of expertise can help you find the best talent for your industry.

  8. How do you ensure the quality of the candidates you provide? Quality is crucial when it comes to recruitment. Ask about the techniques and metrics the agency uses to vet their candidates. Only a small percentage of candidates should make it into their available talent pool.

  9. How quickly can you fill a temporary position? If you need temporary staff, speed is often of the essence. Find out if the agency offers a 'fill on the phone' service and how they ensure they have the right staff on hand when you need them.

  10. What is the culture like in your agency? The culture of a recruitment agency can often reflect the type of candidates they attract. Look for agencies that value bringing out the brilliance in each other and bringing joy to work. Look for recruiters who are high performers and who will happily provide references and tell you about recent hiring and recruitment projects they have delivered for their clients. If you'd like to talk about the culture we've developed contact us at

  11. What is your approach to stakeholder management? Understanding how a recruitment agency manages its relationships with stakeholders can give you insight into their communication and collaboration skills. Ask about their strategies for managing expectations and maintaining open lines of communication.

  12. How will you check in with me to know if I am happy? Regular check-ins are crucial for ensuring a successful partnership. Ask about the agency's process for gathering feedback and how they will ensure your satisfaction throughout the recruitment process.  If they don't have a check-in process, be worried!

  13. What is your plan for representing our business to the talent market? A recruitment agency should have a clear strategy for how they will represent your business to potential candidates. Ask about their marketing and branding strategies and how they plan to attract the right talent for your organisation.

  14. Is one recruiter working on my project or will a team of recruiters be working on my project? Knowing who will be working on your recruitment project can help you understand the level of attention and resources your role will receive. Ask about the agency's team structure and how they allocate their resources.

Remember, the goal of asking these questions is to ensure that the recruitment agency is a good fit for your needs. A successful recruitment process is a partnership, and open communication is key.

If you have any other questions about recruitment or hiring, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Kingston Human Capital. We're here to help you find the right people for your organisation.

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