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Taking the right step towards community building

December 07, 2020

Human capital gets your businesses to the next level, community capital is what will take us to the next level — together.


These are... weird times. There, we said it. This also is the most important time for us to rally together — as a community.


All while socially distancing, of course.


“Right now, we all need to be doing our part to help Queenslanders re-enter the workforce,” says Liz Kingston, our CEO and co-founder.


At Kingston Human Capital, we have a deep sense of responsibility towards the larger community. We take this responsibility seriously and work with some really impressive charities who’re doing a commendable job uplifting the community.


How do we do that? Each time we successfully place a candidate, we celebrate by making a contribution to our partner charities.


Most recently, we donated boxes of men’s business shoes — a high-demand item — to the Suited to Success boutique.


Suited to Success is a Queensland-based not-for-profit helping job seekers overcome barriers to employment and gain confidence through various well-designed programs. One of these programs is the Styling Boutique.


We understand very well how employment links to dignity, independence and confidence.


“Finding a job is hard work. Tamara Smith (CEO) and her team at Suited to Success are doing an incredible job making it a little easier for job seekers and building their confidence while doing it. So we’re doing all we can to order and ship much-needed interview attire to their Fortitude Valley boutique” adds Liz.



Tamara sent us this warm video. Thank you, Tamara.



Thank You to Kingston Human Capital



We’re excited thinking about all the people who will walk into the Suited to Success boutique feeling a bit jittery and nervous, but walk out feeling confident and accomplished.


Thinking about how you can do your bit and help Suited to Success? Call the Fortitude Valley boutique and check what they currently need.


Then jump online and visit any of these affordable stores, add to cart and arrange delivery direct to Suited to Success:



Learn More About The Charities We Support


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