Executive Recruitment Case Study: Screen Queensland

Enriching audiences globally through compelling Queensland created screen content

Screen Queensland Case Study


Jobs created

Through SQ-Supported Productions


Injected into the QLD economy

From 15 Domestic Productions


Injected into QLD economy

From 3 International Productions.


Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Funding 31 Teams & Projects

Project Background


Screen Queensland is a Government-owned company that has been established in the state for 26 years and sits within the portfolio of the Premier of Queensland and Minister for Trade. Screen Queensland invests in the Queensland screen industry, attracts production including post, digital and visual effects to the state and supports screen culture activities for all Queenslanders.

Screen Queensland’s purpose is to grow the screen industry and to be a significant contributor to the economic and cultural wellbeing of Queensland.



About our client


Screen Queenslan


Screen Queensland recognises the screen industry’s vital contribution to the nation’s cultural landscape including its ability to showcase Queensland’s rich, cultural diversity, facilitate cultural engagement, stimulate cultural tourism and reflect the national voice and identity on screen.

How we helped



  • We developed a highly effective recruitment video campaign that communicated Screen Queensland's requirements
  • We deployed our Executive Search & Algorithmic search teams who searched both nationally and internationally
  • We activated our referral networks
  • We designed attraction campaigns to engaged Passive Talent
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