General Manager Executive Search & Selection

Gerard Kerr

With more than 20 years of experience in recruitment, Gerard has deep networks and extensive expertise in managing complex search and selection projects.

Gerard Kerr BW

Gerard Kerr is Co-Founder and General Manager of Executive Search and Selection at Kingston Human Capital.

With more than 20 years’ experience in recruitment, Gerard has deep networks and extensive expertise managing complex search and selection projects across a range of sectors including local state and federal government, statutory authorities, government-owned corporations and ASX-listed companies.

“Delivering successful outcomes in recruitment is about investing time in relationships over the long term. We spend valuable time with our talent pool, engaging in conversations, building trust and getting to know both people and organisations”.

Gerard’s approach to executive recruitment involves a deep dive into every organisation he works with. He spends extensive time inside each organisation, speaking with multiple stakeholders in order to build a comprehensive picture of not only the skills and experience required, but also the right behavioural match.

This intimately personal approach is complemented by Kingston Human Capital’s technology-enabled search process which includes using the latest machine learning and search technology to find ‘hard to find’ talent.

Engaging with executive level talent across Queensland, Australia and internationally is more than a job for Gerard - it’s what he loves to do.

Finding the best, game-changing talent isn’t the only thing Gerard delivers for his clients.

With his engaging, collaborative and supportive style, Gerard leads a thriving, high-performing team. While sharing knowledge and supporting the team’s growth are key, his role also has a lighter side. 

“My role is about so much more than simply finding the best talent. True success comes a few years down the track when we can see evidence of the impact each person has made - to the organisation and the wide sector”.

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