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How to hire for values alignment

How do you build a great team? Hint - part of it is about values-alignment.


Management 101 tells us teams that don’t share common ideals don’t perform as strongly as teams that do. Misaligned teams aren’t as productive and leaders may spend unwanted time and resources dealing with team friction. 


Reports suggest that up to one in four leaders has hired staff only to discover they did not align with their team's values. Un-knitting the problem is far more complex than avoiding it—so it makes a lot more sense to avoid misalignment issues in the first place by improving your hiring practices.


Creating a great team starts with values-alignment

It’s every leader’s dream: to create a cohesive, collaborative team that communicates well, plans together and spends very little time in conflict. Important work gets done. Petty conflicts go out the window. Workweeks are productive and harmonious, allowing you to concentrate on being a better leader.


This is easier than you may think. Just use the link below to download our values mapping tool and explore the values alignment between a potential new hire and your existing team.


Download our Values Mapping Tool

It’s unrealistic to think that new hires will achieve a 100% values match. It’s also not a bad thing. Diversity is important, so you’re looking for shared values or values alignment—not a complete match. One or two would be great. Three would be amazing.


Hot tip: If you are trying to improve your team's performance or culture, talk to us about how our values mapping tool can be used to improve performance and culture.


Creating aligned teams is much easier than dismantling mismatched teams. So if you ask the right questions during the hiring process, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and time down the road.

Kingston Human Capital has successfully helped hundreds of organisations with hiring for many years and we're happy to share with you some of the questions you should include when you’re hiring. 


Naturally, if you would like our assistance to help improve your hiring outcomes, just contact us at 


Happy hiring!


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