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Recruiting and training game-changing talent, when and where you need it. We help you find the human resource talent that makes your business sparkle.

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We provide a complete range of human capital recruitment services. Discover how our personalised touch can make a difference in your recruiting strategies.

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We lead the way in recruiting great talent for your business

  • Executive & Board Recruitment

    Executive & Board Recruitment

    Using a deep partnership approach, we design a customised search process for your organisation.

    Discover Our Executive Recruitment Services

  • Kingston Human Capital Recruitment

    Communications & Marketing

    We help you attract the best talent to drive your communications, engagement and marketing efforts.

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  • Kingston Human Capital Recruitment

    Accounting & Finance

    Kingston Human Capital has been supplying accounting and finance talent to leading organisations.

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Kingston Human Capital

Over 20 Years Of Recruitment Experience

At Kingston Human Capital, we attract the best talent to your organisation. Working with our team of recruitment specialists, you will experience our unwavering commitment to supplying game-changing talent, every time.
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Over 20 Years Of Recruitment Experience
Human Capital Experts Brisbane

Experts at attracting the best talent for your organisation.

Providing guidance for all your Human Capital requirements.

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We provide tailored recruitment services for your business

  • Kingston Human Capital HR Consultants

    Outplacement Services

    Kingston Human Capital can help provide tailored advice & assist in a range of outplacement services.

    Discover Outplacement Services

  • Kingston Human Capital HR Consultants

    Office & Support Administration

    Game-changing office support and administration talent will have a remarkable impact on your business.

    Discover Office Support & Administration Recruitment

  • Discover Temporary Recruitment Services

Here are just some of the awesome clients that we are proud to support.

  • Aurizon BW@2x
  • CRR BW@2x
  • COEX BW@2x
  • Qmusic BW@2x
  • Pensar BW@2x
  • Screen Queensland square BW@2x
  • NHVR BW@2x
  • QUT BW@2x
  • Mckenzie group BW@2x

Accreditations and Recognitions

  • RCSA_BW@2x
  • DPA BW@2x
Screen Queensland
Case Study

See how we helped Screen Queensland

Finding needles in haystacks is what we do best. We use traditional and algorithmic-search techniques, video recruitment, and behavioural economics to find you the best talent in the market.

Learn More about Screen Queensland

Meet Your Recruitment and Human Resource Success Delivery Team

Our team is a diverse, intelligent, and capable group. We are passionate about innovation, relentless in the pursuit of our vision, and love having fun with each other whilst doing it all.

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KHC _ Recruitment red flags_ How to avoid hiring the wrong person
Featured Resource

44 high impact questions to identify game changing talent

Great organisations have one thing in common - they attract, engage and retain high performing, high potential people.

This guide features 44 high impact interview questions to help you identify game-changing talent.

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Executive Recruitment

20 Years of recruitment insights

Gerard Kerr, General Manager of Executive Search & Selection shares his insights from 20 years of executive recruitment experience to help you land your next big role.
Discover Our Executive Recruitment Services
Kingston Human Capital
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Helpful resources to assist you with your human capital challenges

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