Executive Recruitment Case Study: Department of Environment and Science

Bringing together key areas of work to achieve a cleaner, greener and more innovative Queensland

Department of Environment and Science

64 million visitors

to Queensland parks, forests and arts and cultural facilities

860,000 flora

specimens curated at the Queensland Herbarium

17,500+ sites

regulated under environmental authorities

356,200 km

Great Barrier Reef and state marine parks

Project Background


The Department of Environment and Science (DES) works with government, stakeholders and communities to achieve a better environmental, economic and social future for Queensland. They are responsible for:

  • Protecting and sustainably managing Queensland’s environment and natural, cultural and heritage values
  • Safeguarding the state’s environmental values, and reducing impacts from environmental harm
  • Promoting the development of, and engagement with, science, heritage and the arts

The DES enrich Queensland’s social and community life through supporting vibrant cultural experiences, protecting significant heritage places and facilitating opportunities to connect, recreate and re-energise in our stunning natural landscapes and marine environments.

About our client




The Department of Environment and Science (DES) recognises the enormous value a clean environment, innovative society and economy, and vibrant culture makes to Queenslanders’ lives. 

As a diverse organisation, the department brings together environment, heritage protection, national parks, science and arts functions to help achieve government objectives for a better Queensland.

How we helped


  • We developed a highly effective recruitment video campaign that communicated The Department’s requirements
  • We deployed our Executive Search & Algorithmic search teams who searched both nationally and internationally
  • We activated our referral networks
  • We designed attraction campaigns to engaged Passive Talent
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