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Becoming Kingston: Our Journey So Far as a Boutique Recruitment Agency

Talent acquisition and recruitment are always changing, and when it comes to finding talent, organisations must keep up with the pace.

At Kingston Human Capital, we help hiring managers and workplace leaders find diamonds, the perfect talent solutions, by searching where no other recruitment agency thinks to look.

With more than 50 years’ cumulative experience, we’re a close-knit team of recruitment professionals who specialise in finding outstanding talent. We focus on supporting our clients to build teams of fire-breathing A-players.

Guided by our commitment to excellence without arrogance, we’re proud to be making waves as a market-leading, fearless team of career creators, team builders, recruitment consultants, and talent acquisition specialists.

Here’s a little insight into our story so far.

The start of our story

Over eight years ago, Kingston Human Capital began with a simple idea. Our founder and CEO, Elizabeth Kingston, wanted to create a company that created solutions driven by people.

Elizabeth, after working for a decade with international recruitment agencies, realised that people can make or break an organisation, no matter the industry, no matter the size.

She had a mission to help the leaders of both private and government industries by providing premium talent solutions that they could not get anywhere else.

So she created Kingston Human Capital, a talent acquisition agency focused on the most important asset: people. Kingston was grounded by a modern culture that valued work-life integration while providing the best possible results for clients and candidates and still remaining humble. Not afraid to have honest conversations, Elizabeth and her team believed that clarity was kindness.

We prioritised offering government and corporate organisations an easier way to discover incredible professional talent. At first, we stayed small, but soon, Kingston grew into a creature of its own. We began to receive recognition for our unique recruitment strategies and relationship-building skills. We delivered consistently excellent results for our clients, helping them build outstanding workplaces that were the envy of their industries.

Developing long-term partnerships, we showed our clients how deeply we cared about the value we could provide, connecting people with purpose. Before long, we began to refine our methodology and expand our team, scaling from a one-person operation to a humble team of eleven value-driven talent acquisition and recruitment consulting specialists. With a collaborative mission, we developed a strong talent community network and an advanced understanding of market trends.

Together, we recruit with a purpose.

What sets us apart

Kingston’s success can be attributed to our innovative approach to talent acquisition, founded on the premise that extraordinary candidates belong with extraordinary organisations.

Our business relies on respect, honesty, and hard work. We aim to find a win-win in every agreement, and we always deliver what we promise. We do our very best to deliver the highest-quality work for our clients and candidates.

We help our candidates build the careers of their dreams, matching roles with their ambition, personality, experience, and character. We do our very best to deliver the highest-quality work for our clients, helping them create teams that can take their organisations to new heights.

At Kingston, our growth is motivated not only by our own goals but by what matters most to our clients.

Diversity in our team

Kingston Human Capital remains a Queensland-owned small business. Our female-led consulting firm is home to a diverse team of passionate recruitment consultants from all walks of life.

Our diversity allows us to reach people across the country, building relationships and connecting candidates and organisations with the right opportunities.

Our recruitment philosophy

As our world faces a challenging decade ahead, we strive to do better for the people we engage with, helping other companies work towards positive change.

Our philosophy is simple. We find incredible talent for incredible roles at incredible organisations. We’ll go to the ends of the earth to achieve that goal.

Commitment to growth

At Kingston, we continue to build a contemporary workforce, offering inclusive environments and a better work-life balance that focuses on the essence of well-being, productivity, and work-life engagement.

We are committed to scaling our consultancy, customising our offers to support the needs of every team member who supports our professional journey.

What’s next for Kingston?

The Kingston Human Capital story is far from over. We have big plans for our company’s evolution as we grow and improve over the course of the next five years.

By building our brand presence, working with mutually-aligned value-match partner businesses, and helping candidates build the careers of their dreams, we know that we can contribute to creating a brighter global future.

Want to know more about how you can be a part of our next chapter? Contact Kingston Human Capital today.

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