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We recruit hard-to-find talent using talent maps.
Kingston Human Capital we work to find the best in the industry.
Introducing: Talent Mapping

Introducing: Talent Mapping

At Kingston Human Capital, we build talent maps of hard-to-find talent. Our focus when recruiting is designing a long-range marketing and communication campaign so that your target candidates have been nurtured, fed your EVP and are emotionally-engaged with your business. As a result, talent mapping ensures a more successful recruitment process. 

We treat your recruitment as if we are hiring an employee for our own, and this is what gives us an edge. At Kingston Human Capital, we have a proven track record with 97% of the permanent placements still in place three years later. We do this by ensuring that all candidates are not only the right employees for the job but also the right people for your organisations.

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Who should use talent mapping?

Talent mapping is vital for any organisation that is working to ensure they employ the best people working in the industry. This process also assists with a seamless recruitment process, making sure you are reaching the right candidates at the right time.

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Who should use talent mapping?

Kingston Human Capital Talent Mapping Packages.

Typically pricing per Talent Map ranges between $4,900 to $8,900 + GST, depending on the complexity of what is required.

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Finding needles in haystacks is what we do best. We use traditional and algorithmic-search techniques, video recruitment, and behavioural economics to find you the best talent in the market.

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